Crowdfunding a Tour to Paint Siberia

Send me to Siberia. Really.

Update: Partnership with Odintsovo and Revisual Art Group!

After what has been a kickass tour of Siberia, I'm ending the run with another new mega-mural. Thanks to the sleepless innovators at Revisual Art Group, in conjuction with the city of Odintsovo, I'll be painting a 9-floor building as part of an effort by the city to provide the public with free, museum-quality art - Stay tuned for updates - in the meantime check out some of the tour highlights from Siberia just added to the wall gallery! PEACE! 🎨 BiP

The plan Hey guys, it's BiP - been seeing a lot of good style out of Eastern Russia that gets overlooked. I think it's time to get out there and see what's up. So this is exactly what it sounds like - I've plotted a painting course from east to west through Siberia.

The pitch Tickets, hostels, paint supplies, etc. things are adding up. A lot of people have been on me to try crowdfunding these expeditions for a while now. I'm all about new roads, so I've made some postcards, prints, and canvases. Mike will update this page daily with what's left available and how much has been raised.

The promise If donations hit $9,000, I'll go mash out in Siberia. The whole time I'll be keeping you up to date over instagram [@BiP_graffiti] with sketches, walls, photos, and video. Get fucking pumped!

Questions? Talk to my good friends at:

Siberia Watercolor

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Post Card

Siberia Trip Postcard

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Siberia Trip Watercolor Canvas

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Digital Print

Siberia Trip Digital Print

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